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In the west, we typically know yoga as asana practice, focusing on sweating, stretching, and strengthening. AVO Yoga brings the heat, and the fitness, while offering an experience of yoga’s pure, original intention. Experience the stillness, deepen your breath, and enhance your body, mind, heart, and spirit through yoga that bridges western practice and eastern philosophy.

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Yoga student enjoys a soundbath with peaceful harmonium chanting at AVO Health, Atlanta yoga studio.
Yoga students in meditation at AVO Yoga studio, Atlanta.
A woman in a white dress poises to strike a gong.

Why Yoga?

Authentic yoga truly honors your body at any stage of life, meaning anyone can participate. The only flexibility needed is the flexibility of your mind. The goal of AVO Yoga is for you to experience all of these wonderful benefits for yourself. We help you cultivate your inner power, and cue you to love your body and mind a little more every class.

Yoga can be practiced anywhere and at any time. As you learn to connect with your breath, move your body without judgement, and listen to your body without expectations, you will soon gain enough confidence to honor your body, mind and soul outside of the studio in what ever situation comes your way.

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Students line up in prayer position for yoga class at AVO Health, Atlanta yoga studio.
Yoga instructor, Teresa Bollinger, plays the harmonium during session at AVO Yoga studio, Atlanta.

Our Team

Here at AVO, it’s our priority to provide you, your family and everyone in our community with the tools needed to Ignite A Life Worth Living; whether it be through the practice of yoga, chiropractic care, or simply through community service.

We’re dedicated to serving you to the best of our ability, because you deserve nothing less.

Andrew Wright

Andrew Wright


Teresa Bollinger

Teresa Bollinger

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