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NetworkSpinal is on the leading edge of health science. Many healthcare practices focus on alleviating symptoms. The Network Spinal Analysis care we provide at AVO aims to upgrade your human operating system. Through this innovative, cutting-edge care, our clients experience not only relief from their physical symptoms but increased vitality and energy in all parts of their life. Book an appointment for Network Spinal Analysis today! 

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Dr. Andrew Wright demonstrating NetworkSpinal Care on Teresa.
Dr. Andrew Wright assists a client to stretch in a NetworkSpinal Care session.

About Our Network Spinal Analysis 

Our bodies are a record of everything we have experienced in our lives. It is our past that shapes the way we see and interact with the world. NetworkSpinal helps high performers access and leverage more inner resourcefulness. Our care rewrites your neurological patterning, hacking your body’s natural stress response and turning it into fuel. By developing new, more efficient strategies for processing daily stress and pain, you will experience the freedom from physical, mental, and emotional pains that prevent you from living a life worth living.

“NetworkSpinal and Somato Respiratory Integration, Donny Epstein’s revolutionary methodologies, are amongst the most powerful sources of personal transformation I have ever experienced or seen.”

– Tony Robbins


The Network Spinal Analysis Research

NetworkSpinal is designed to address the underlying cause of your symptoms. By reprogramming how your body responds to physical, mental, and emotional stress, chronic pain and symptoms become fuel for growth instead of depleting your energy.

A study from the University of California Irvine followed 2,818 people receiving Network Care and found that 76% of participants experienced all of the following benefits:

Less Depression
Experience less depression, anger and mood swings
Healthier Lifestyle
More motivation for exercise, improved diet, and mindfulness
Reduced Fatigue
Experience more energy and vitality to live life
Cognitive Function
Improve ability to concentrate and think
Quality of Life
Deepen relaxation, peace, confidence and compassion
“Drs. Andrew, Abbie, and Morgan introduced me (and my body) to the Network Chiropractic technique which does NOT use sudden manipulations of the body but rather takes a non- invasive, natural approach to interpret and monitor the state of your spine. I feel very active in my own healing process now, and am feeling whole and happy! I owe so much to this dedicated team of care givers. Truly life altering. If you are ready to experience what’s possible, I highly recommend that you check AVO out.”
-Jennifer E.


“The Network Entrainments are gentle and subtle yet produce great results. I’ve had several major life events in the last 11 months from oral surgery to wrist surgery after a severe break along with moving and getting married. The Entrainments have helped me maintain a sense of being grounded and healthy. I believe this type of care helped me gain almost 100% range of motion in my wrist after the plate and 10 screws were added. If you’re serious about maintaining your health or have a health issue you wish to change, make the commitment to a series of adjustments and allow Andrew and Abbie to support your body to heal itself.”
– Mark B.

Dr. Andrew Wright applies a gentle chiropractic adjustment to the shoulders of a patient.
“I’m blessed to experience such caring & hands on instructors & Doctors. I recommend AVO to anyone looking to grow physically & energetically.”
– Amarqueon J

Our Team

Here at AVO, it’s our priority to provide you, your family and everyone in our community with the tools needed to Ignite A Life Worth Living; whether it be through the practice of yoga, chiropractic care, or simply through community service.

We’re dedicated to serving you to the best of our ability, because you deserve nothing less.

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Andrew Wright


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