Atlanta NetworkSpinal Analysis

Atlanta NetworkSpinal Analysis

You may have heard about Atlanta NetworkSpinal Analysis and been wondering exactly what it is. Whether you are looking to book an appointment with AVO for Atlanta Network Spinal Analysis or want more information, here is a breakdown of what it is, who it is for, and how it can help you.


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What is Atlanta NetworkSpinal Analysis? 

Network Spinal Analysis, or NSA, was initially developed by a chiropractor named Dr. Donald Epstein in 1987. Originally called Network Chiropractic, NSA is a precise chiropractic technique that is evidence-based. NSA Care differs from other forms of chiropractic medicine because it is incredibly gentle, without the twisting and ‘cracking’ that has become synonymous with what many expect to find at a chiropractor’s office. 

The philosophy of NSA care is based on releasing tension around the spine by concentrating on the nervous system. This is how an NSA chiropractor corrects misalignment. Because the technique is focused on the nervous system, the idea is to correct the primary problem, not just provide a short term fix to pain. 

“NetworkSpinal and Somato Respiratory Integration, Donny Epstein’s revolutionary methodologies, are amongst the most powerful sources of personal transformation I have ever experienced or seen.”

– Tony Robbins


The Research

NetworkSpinal is designed to address the underlying cause of your symptoms. By reprogramming how your body responds to physical, mental, and emotional stress, chronic pain and symptoms become fuel for growth instead of depleting your energy.

A study from the University of California Irvine followed 2,818 people receiving Network Care and found that 76% of participants experienced all of the following benefits:

Less Depression
Experience less depression, anger and mood swings
Healthier Lifestyle
More motivation for exercise, improved diet, and mindfulness
Reduced Fatigue
Experience more energy and vitality to live life
Cognitive Function
Improve ability to concentrate and think
Quality of Life
Deepen relaxation, peace, confidence and compassion
“Drs. Andrew, Abbie, and Morgan introduced me (and my body) to the Network Chiropractic technique which does NOT use sudden manipulations of the body but rather takes a non- invasive, natural approach to interpret and monitor the state of your spine. I feel very active in my own healing process now, and am feeling whole and happy! I owe so much to this dedicated team of care givers. Truly life altering. If you are ready to experience what’s possible, I highly recommend that you check AVO out.”
-Jennifer E.


“The Network Entrainments are gentle and subtle yet produce great results. I’ve had several major life events in the last 11 months from oral surgery to wrist surgery after a severe break along with moving and getting married. The Entrainments have helped me maintain a sense of being grounded and healthy. I believe this type of care helped me gain almost 100% range of motion in my wrist after the plate and 10 screws were added. If you’re serious about maintaining your health or have a health issue you wish to change, make the commitment to a series of adjustments and allow Andrew and Abbie to support your body to heal itself.”
– Mark B.

“I’m blessed to experience such caring & hands on instructors & Doctors. I recommend AVO to anyone looking to grow physically & energetically.”
– Amarqueon J

Our Team

Here at AVO, it’s our priority to provide you, your family and everyone in our community with the tools needed to Ignite A Life Worth Living; whether it be through the practice of yoga, chiropractic care, or simply through community service.

We’re dedicated to serving you to the best of our ability, because you deserve nothing less.

Andrew Wright

Andrew Wright


Morgan Atterberry

Morgan Atterberry


Teresa Bollinger

Teresa Bollinger

Yoga & Meditation

   What Does Network SpinalAnalysis Feel Like? 

An NSA chiropractor uses very light touches on the body. This gentle contact allows the brain to connect to parts of the body that are at ease. This association eventually overcomes the tension and becomes automatic with time. Because the entire purpose of NSA care is to provide your brain with a state of relaxed calm, the feeling of it is relatively peaceful and soothing.

   How the Nervous System Affects the Spine?   

The nervous system allows the brain to communicate with all the different parts of the body. The signals go both ways, and the spine can send pain signals through the nervous system back to the brain. This is how back pain happens and is tied to the degree of pain that a person experiences. An NSA chiropractor operates on the belief that this signal interference in the nerves is responsible for many underlying health conditions.

This is especially true because the stress that we feel, both physically and mentally, gets converted into tension by our nervous system, and a lot of that tension gets stored up in our spines. This will lead to subluxations or misalignments in the spine. While a traditional chiropractor will treat the misalignments directly, an NSA chiropractor seeks to treat the actual nervous system, finding a solution to the original problem.

How Does NSA Work? 

While NSA care often provides very fast to immediate relief, to feel the system’s full benefits, it is necessary to undergo the process over time. NSA is a sustainable system. This means that throughout treatment, your body will self-adjust on its own, learning the best response and making you more adaptable to both physical and mental stress. The gentle touches that the NSA chiropractor provides the patient are extremely precise and designed to teach the brain the problem spots where tension is being stored and find more healthy and productive ways to manage anxiety and stress.


Who is Atlanta NetworkSpinal Analysis For?

Because of its very gentle nature, NSA care can be provided to anyone; there is no one too young or too old. Many patients who seek out NSA care have been to doctors or chiropractors before, and either have not found relief for their problems or only found partial relief. Perhaps a doctor has prescribed them medication, and they are tired of troublesome side effects, or they have been to a standard chiropractor and are frustrated with the temporary nature of the pain relief. NSA offers the opportunity to overcome the base health problem causing the pain in the first place. 

Many people also choose to undergo NSA care because of much more subtle issues. They may feel tired all of the time, lacking in energy, or like they are never able to feel real clarity of mind. Or they may only be seeking a safe way to find natural relief from stress, as so many of us are. 

What are the Benefits of

Atlanta NetworkSpinal Analysis?

The overall purpose of Atlanta NetworkSpinal Analysis care is to improve communication between the brain and body through the nervous system and spine. A significant part of this involves the release of negative energy from the spine and nervous system. This can cause relief of pain and other symptoms immediately, but there is a more long term goal with NSA.

NSA works because the body is naturally self-healing. By improving the mind-body connection, you will help your body work better overall, across all systems. As you progress through different milestones in your NSA care, you’ll find your ability to listen to your body’s needs greatly enhanced. 

The benefits of NSA care are numerous: Pain Relief, Stress Relief, Release of Tension, Healthier Spine, Ability to Make Healthier Choices, Better Quality of Life and More, including greater creativity and a deeper mind-body connection.


NSA is an excellent choice for both patients dealing with severe issues and those who want a better overall sense of well being. Because of its gentle nature, it is a good treatment for anyone. Since the spine and nervous system are so integral to who we are and how we move through the world, releasing these areas of negative energy and built-up tension can profoundly affect our very selves. For patients new to the NSA, there is the potential to significantly improve all aspects of their lives. Whether you are just learning of NSA or ready to book an appointment for Atlanta Network Spinal Analysis, we are happy to assist you with any questions you may have.  



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