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Coupled with our yoga classes, we use cutting edge chiropractic techniques that empower you to heal your body and life from the inside out. Without twisting or cracking, our doctors apply gentle, specific pressure to upgrade your entire system.

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AVO is a state of the art Chiropractic and Yoga studio in Atlanta. We specialize in gentle, psycho-neurologically based chiropractic care and a unique, innovative yoga practice that bridges eastern philosophy with western practice.

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Our Services

We don’t go ‘natural’, we return. ‘Natural’ is where it began

NetworkSpinal Care

You will not only receive the physical benefits of traditional chiropractic (less pain, better function), but you will watch as your life is transformed and healed into an upgraded version of you.

Yoga Classes

Yoga is more than postures and stretches. It is a practice to deepen your connection between your mind, body, and soul. Each of our meditation and yoga classes include breath work, movement, and guided meditation.

Our Team

We’re dedicated to serving you to the best of our ability.

At AVO, we are focused on building a community of specialists who have dedicated their lives to learning and growing in their own authenticity and skills. Our doctors are certified to the highest level in NetworkSpinal practice and our yoga instructors attend advanced training seminars regularly. Our commitment to our own continual growth ensures that our clients get the best experience with the most up-to-date techniques.

Each of the doctors and yoga teachers at AVO have powerful personal testimonials that drive a life of dedication to serving our community. We each understand that health comes from within and is not limited to an absence of symptoms. We focus our care on healing all aspects of our clients including the physical body, the emotional experience, the mental processing, and the spiritual connection.

It is a privilege to serve you, your family, and our community.

Dr. Andrew Wright, chiropractor, and Teresa Bollinger, yoga instructor, greet guests at AVO Health, Atlanta.

“The shape, tension, tone and position of your spine determines the shape, tension, tone, and position of your life.”

– Dr. Donald M. Epstein

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Experience less depression, anger and mood swings

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More motivation for exercise, improved diet, and mindfulness

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Improve ability to concentrate and think

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Deepen relaxation, peace, confidence and compassion


What People Say About Us

Drs. Andrew, Abbie, and Morgan] introduced me (and my body) to the Network Chiropractic technique which does NOT use sudden manipulations of the body but rather takes a non- invasive, natural approach to interpret and monitor the state of your spine. I feel very active in my own healing process now, and am feeling whole and happy! I owe so much to this dedicated team of care givers. Truly life altering. If you are ready to experience what’s possible, I highly recommend that you check AVO out.”
Jennifer E.

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